124clean_phoneIs the phone compatible with an intercom system?No, It can only be used as a phone.
123clean_phoneIs the phone loud enough for noisy environments?The phone is meant for cleanroom environments where it is relatively quiet.
122clean_phoneCan annunciator be added to the phoneNo, Nothing can be added on, it has a standard ringer.
121clean_phoneAre the phones duplex?The clean phones are not full duplex, they are half duplex .
120clean_phoneCan I run the electrial thru the 24 gauge phone line?Yes you can .
119clean_phoneI can hear the people on the other side of the phone, but they can not hear me? 
108clean_phoneWhat is the max distance you can put the power supply from the phone?1000 feet.
75clean_phoneDo you have a list of chemical that you are able to wash down the clean phone with?Some suitable chemicals are: Isopropanol, Methanol, Bezanene, Acetone, Hydroogen Peroxide, Ammonia, Phosphoric Acid, & Nitric Acid.