115clean_benchWhat is the difference between the CAT Series clean benches with model extensions of PR, PE, & PVE?The PR is recirculating clean bench model which sucks air in the front and recirculates thru the perforated work surface, The PE model is a peforated work surface that exhausts thru a fan and duct work provoded by others. The PVE model is a variable exhaust model. Detailed information is available in the brochure.
114clean_benchWhat is the difference between the SFE & PDE clean bench models?The SFE model has a peforated table top which allows air to flow thur the table while the PDE model has a solid top. These units are single pass units.
96clean_benchHow much weight can I put on the clean bench surface? 
95clean_benchCan I get a larger work surface for my clean bench?Yes. Please specify the size which would like we will try to adapt one of our standard models to your size if possible.
92clean_benchIs there a weight limit for clean benches? 
91clean_benchWhat are my options for the work surface area of the clean bench? 
83clean_benchWhat are the general main differences between the different clean bench series (e.g. Absolute, CAT, Economy, Tabletop)? 
34clean_benchWhat difference between a horizontal and a vertical flow clean bench?The horizontal flow bench the air is sucked in the bottom and out the work surface face horizontally at the technician. The vertical flow sucks air in from the top and discharges it vertically downward toward the work surface.
3clean_benchHow do you remove stains from the Laminate on the Clean Bench?If soap & water will not clean it, then they can try lacquer thinner or some other solvent. Worst case is to use a powdered cleaner like Comet & try to “polish” the stain out