127AIR_SHOWERWhen do I change my hepa filter in my air shower?When the static pressure gauge is 3 times the intitial static pressure.
117AIR_SHOWERHow many people can I put thru an air shower.FOR REGULAR AIR SHOWERS. it depends on size of the air shower, a good rule of thumb is 1 person per nine (9) sqft of effective air shower floor space. Example = Our model AS337 = 9 SQFT of floor space = 1 person AS 457 = 20SQFT = 2 People, possibly 3. For AIR SHOWER TUNNELS thru put is continous, but the speed of thru put is limited by tunnel lenght.
113AIR_SHOWERWhat is the basic operation procedure of an air shower? 
112AIR_SHOWERAre the air shower fairly easy to put together? 
103AIR_SHOWERWhere does all the dust go after it is blown off the person inside the air shower? 
102AIR_SHOWERIs the air ionized to take out dust or just because of the velocity?Ionization Bar reduces the static cling of dust making it easier to remove the dust and has nothing to do with velocity.
99AIR_SHOWERDo you make misting showers?Yes, we can make a mist shower from any of our air shower models
84AIR_SHOWERMy ceiling is to high for the standard air shower?Halco makes an air shower where the blower box normally on top is mounted on the side to lessen the height of the overall unit.
33AIR_SHOWERIs Stainless Steel Magnetic?There are several "types" of stainless steel. The 300 series (which contains nickel) is NOT magnetic.
32AIR_SHOWERWhat is the difference between 304 and 316 Stainless Steel?304 contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 316 contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum.
30AIR_SHOWERCan you have an ultra violet light installed in the air shower?Yes. But it is not recommended for a person to walk thru an ultra violet light.
24AIR_SHOWERWhich side is the access panel on? 
14AIR_SHOWERHow long does it take to install a broken down design air shower to fit through a standard door way?Broken down air showers take approximately three men two days to install using a lift truck.
13AIR_SHOWERHow long does it take to install an Air Shower?Standard air showers take three men one day using a lift truck to install.